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About Our Team

    Owning a hair salon was part of a dream and goal that was set years ago by two stylists who love the beauty industry. Always striving to be better and soaking in as much knowledge as possible, Marbella Haws and Shannon Wickenden set a goal to own their own salon. After years of saving and really diving in to the business of hair as well as the technicality of hair, that goal was reached! Paradigm A Hair Salon opened its doors on August 2nd, 2014. With a strong and talented team of stylists, Paradigm is ready to provide the luxury and comfort that the owners dreamed it would. Here is a snapshot of our talented team: 




Shannon Wickenden - Owner/Stylist/Redken Artist




Bio: Shannon is a top stylist and former Redken Artist. She loves being part of an industry that celebrates so much beauty. She has been part of a Summit Salon, and now a Redken Artist representing the brand. When Shannon isn’t behind the chair with her guests she gets the opportunity to travel and teach other top salon professionals. She has a passion for education and pays it forward. “It’s rewarding as an Artist to get to share my knowledge to top stylist in the industry. I love to watch people grow and succeed.” Shannon has the ambition and drive to become a sought after Redken Artist and top stylist. Shannon’s professionalism, consistency, and love for her clients keep them coming back.

Karlee Pena & Shannon WickendenKarlee Pena & Shannon Wickenden




Marbella Haws - Owner/Stylist





Bio: Marbella is a passionate colorist and hair designer. Having been taught by Redken’s best educators like Sam Villa, David Stanko, Kris Sorbie, and Hugo Urias has given Marbella a great advantage in the beauty industry and enhanced her technical skill. "Seeing your guest's smile, that smile, the one that says you made their day better and they love their look, that's a great feeling. Making people feel happy is why I love my career." A passion for hair and beauty and an affinity for community involvement especially with our teens has made this more than a career choice; it’s made it a lifestyle.


Blanca Joyner - Stylist




Bio: Blanca graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Boise in 2005 and returned in 2008 to become a cosmetology instructor. Teaching cosmetology has definitely been a highlight in her career. She loves learning and considers herself a lifelong learner.  Education, teamwork and having mentors are the backbone to Blanca’s success.  Currently she works behind the chair 3-4 days a week and stays home with her 3 beautiful children. Blanca loves making people feel beautiful and instilling confidence in them. One of her favorite quotes and motto is: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”       


Ali Malvini - Stylist 

 Bio: I love Meridian! I was born and raised in Idaho, but I started my career in Cosmetology while living and working in Oregon. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2007 and specialize in hair design and Redken color; short and long precision haircuts and updo's. I am Hair Extension certified and I offer facial waxing and brow tinting as well.

Being a hairstylist never felt like my job, it has really been my passion. Everyday I have the opportunity to be an artist, a teacher, a counselor and sometimes just a listening ear. I have loved being in a position that allows me to build close, positive relationships with my clients and enhances my ability to provide them a relaxing experience along with the best services and products possible!

I want the salon to be a place you can be heard. Ask me any questions or concerns you have about your hair and I will give you my best ideas and solutions to have you leave, looking and feeling beautiful!


Karlee Peña - Stylist



Bio: Karlee continues to impress with her fresh approach to hair and her educational journey leading her towards becoming a Redken Artist! Karlee is now an officially Redken Certified Stylist, which is an incredible accomplishment!  Her techniques for balayage and beautiful blonding has not gone unnoticed by our stylists as well as our guests. The reviews are in - Karlee is the must see stylist for your perfectly balayaged hair! Karlee now has major educational events under her belt like Redken Symposium 2017 and Redken 5th Avenue in New York City!